Tunes: Three Piece Band
Crazy Feet Trio is a three piece subset of the full band.  We provide tasty jazz and swing that is appropriate for dinners, cocktail hours, parties, or any event that would be enhanced by top notch musicians playing standards and some not-so-standards.  It's quiet, it's cool, and creates an ambiance that whispers 'classy'. 

The demo tunes that appear below provide an accurate idea of how we sound live.  They were recorded at Pete Tomlinson's studio in Woodstock NY.  The band assembled there for one session that lasted two hours.  We played the tunes through a few times, then we picked the best recording of each tune, and made some minor adjustments.  I returned to record the vocals a few days later.  That's it!  We used no fancy effects - what you hear is what you will get from us in person. 

I hope to hear from you soon!